The Drama Greenhouses have been operating outside the city of Drama since 2006, employing about 100 staff persons. We produce bell peppers of red, yellow, orange, and green color (which are available in the Greek and international market) in a state-of-the-art glass-enclosed greenhouse of 100 acres, using the method of hydroponics.

The greenhouse is heated by an electricity and high efficiency heat cogeneration system. This system generates electricity by the combustion of natural gas, which is supplied to the network for consumption, while hot water that is co-generated, instead of being discarded (as in conventional power generation systems) is channeled to the greenhouse to heat the crop, thus achieving the minimum environmental footprint.

The basic principle of Drama Greenhouses is our passion for the cultivation of the best product with the commitment for continuous innovation, aiming at the health and safety of consumers and the minimum environmental footprint.

How We Cultivate

Controlled environment=> hygiene and safety

Our greenhouse environment offers the cleanest conditions for pepper cultivation, work, and food safety. We protect our plants from adverse weather conditions, while, at the same time, we can control the environment, temperature, light, humidity, and nutrients in order to provide the ideal conditions for the plants to grow. At the same time, the possibility of transferring any infectious or other agents from the soil/subsoil to plants and therefore to the products is eliminated, as they are grown on special natural substrates.

No residual pesticides=> hygiene and safety

We effectively replace the need for pesticides by using biological control methods, using integrated pest and disease management (IPM). This is a program designed to control the population of unwanted organisms (insects) using their natural enemies (insects). We identify potential problems, monitor the population or degree of infection, and evaluate the effectiveness of fighting applications through integrated management.

To add another level of security, we use the Work-It work management system for the traceability of bell peppers, a key advantage of our greenhouses. This system allows us to monitor the process of harvesting and other works and we can exactly identify where each bell pepper has been harvested from.

Selection of suitable varieties and continuous renewal=> strength and better taste

Through constant information and tests by our expert agronomists, we make sure to choose the best varieties, so that bell peppers reach the consumer in excellent condition, full of nutrients, without any compromise in taste, which we consider an equally important feature.

Food Safety

Exceeding customer and consumer expectations

Excellent quality

At Drama Greenhouses, we believe that success depends on the supply of high-quality bell peppers that meet or exceed the expectations of customers and consumers for fresh vegetables. The responsibility of all our employees who are directly or indirectly involved in ensuring and daily adherence to food safety standards, following strict guidelines and procedures when growing and managing products, is fundamental toward this belief.

Reliable products

We use the GLOBALG.A.P protocol for the certification of our products. GAP stands for “Good Agricultural Practice” and is designed to restore consumer confidence in the way food is produced on farms, minimizing environmental impact, limiting the use of chemicals, and ensuring a responsible approach to health and consumer safety.

We have an effective traceability and recall system, which allows us to know where the products were harvested from and by whom in a few minutes, but also where our products are on sale.

Our products and facilities are constantly inspected by independent laboratory tests that ensure and prove our commitment to provide the consumer with the safest and highest quality product.

Sustainibility - Enviromental Footprint

Commitment to sustainability

At Drama Greenhouses, we always aim to do what is best, both for our farm and our planet. We believe that, by making our environment sustainable, based on sustainable development and innovation through new technologies, we ensure our future in the best possible manner.

Water Management

Population growth and increasing demands on water resources make optimal water management necessary to protect the environment and delicate balance of ecosystems.

Drama Greenhouses have a water recycling system where the resulting irrigation water, as well as rainwater from the roof of the greenhouse, is collected and recycled. This ensures that no water is lost and that the aquifer is not burdened with fertilizers or microorganisms.

Using much less water than traditional cultivation methods, the Drama Greenhouse water management program reduces the amount of fresh water used in our greenhouses. We also ensure that contaminants from microorganisms or neighboring crops do not contaminate our greenhouse environment.

Integrated management

At Drama Greenhouses, we use the integrated pest and disease management (IPM) system to protect our crop, significantly reducing the need for pesticides and protecting the ecosystem and consumers.

Integrated management is a holistic approach that uses all available techniques in an organized plant protection program through environmentally sustainable ways.

We have specialized agronomists and staff, who daily inspect our plants for the detection and monitoring of pests, as well as the balance of beneficial insects throughout the crop. We rely on 10 different species of beneficial insects and certain microorganisms to manage harmful insects and

“Good” insects are released into the crop in both preventive and suppressive releases at different stages of the crop, in response to the threat of “bad” insects. An example of good insects in nature are ladybugs, which effectively control aphids, also known as lice.

We also place colored sticky tapes and tabs all over the crop to attract unwanted insects for easy identification and mass trapping.

We introduce wild bees to our greenhouse (also known as bumblebees) to pollinate our plants. At Drama Greenhouses, we have hundreds of thousands of bell pepper plants and all flowers must be pollinated by our hard-working bees.

Waste reduction

The majority of our waste such as paper, plastics, batteries, oils, metals, and vegetable waste are recycled in a fully controlled manner, while, at the same time, we have adopted techniques to minimize it in all our areas of operations. Our primary goal is not to create waste.

One of the initiatives in this direction is the use of returnable and reusable packaging trays in collaboration with large supermarket chains in Greece.